will moving companies pack for you?

Will Moving Companies Pack For You?

The question will moving companies pack for you is an often asked questions in the relocation industry.  There are many circumstances that require a moving company to pack for its customers. 

In many cases, a person might just want their belongings dealt with and packed for them.  Most people hate the process of packing up their belongings.  Here’s a great article on how to pack boxes for a move.  Additionally, here’s a great article on how to roll clothing.


Some of the reasons a person might need their belongings packed for them include:

  • To save time
  • In order to alleviate some of the stress of moving
  • Due to a physical disability
  • Because they are unable to pack themselves
  • The appropriate person won’t be present to pack items

How Moving Companies Handle Packing

Each moving company has a different process for handling packing a person’s belongings.  However, each moving company will have a team of experienced packers if they do offer packing services.

A company’s packers are well trained in packing your belongings.  Their main goal is to do so in an efficient way.   When your belongings are packed, you will want boxes and supplies to be maximized while keeping your items safe.

Your items need to be backed in a particular way.  Packers should be aware to not damage any items but to pack as efficiently as possible for the move.

Generally speaking, packing is handled in the following way:

  • Moving company will speak to you to arrange the packing of your belongings
  • Relocation service provider will enter your home and speak to you about items that need packing
  • Movers and packers will go room to room with you to discuss any special requirements you may have
  • Packers will work efficiently and quickly to pack your belongings in boxes and crates
  • Furniture items may be disassembled and wrapped in protective plastic
  • Items will then be moved onto the moving van

Moving Companies Charge Extra For Packing

In most cases, moving companies will charge extra for packing.  You will want to clarify with the company you are hiring how they charge and perform packing services.  Here are some important questions you should ask:

  1. Do you provide packing services and full-service moves?
  2. What are your charges for packing items?
  3. Do you charge additional fees for assembly and disassembly of furniture?
  4. What can I expect if I purchase packaging services alongside the move?
  5. How do you handle broken items or damaged goods due to improper packing?

Many Moving Companies Offer Full Service Options

A full-service move is essentially a move that includes packing, assembling furniture, disassembling furniture, hauling and anything else associated with your relocation.  In the event of a large residential move or a corporate relocation, hiring full-service movers can be very handy.

A full-service moving company will expertly handle all of the packing and unpacking of your household or business items.  This can be particularly important when you are moving fragile items such as glass, artwork, valuables, antiques, office items and more.

Hiring a full service moving company ensures that you are hiring someone who is skilled at expertly packing valuables.   Additionally, they should be fully insured in the unfortunate situation of damage to your belongings.

Full Service Movers Provide The Following Services

Providing Packing Supplies

Your full service moving company should provide packing materials and supplies to help get you moved.  You should always ask in advance, and if you ask them to pack on a whim they may not have the moving and packing supplies handy.

Specify when you contact your moving company for your free moving quote that you need a full-service move.  You can ask them the questions specified above at this point.  You should also make sure they do provide packing supplies.

Packing And Boxing All Items

Packing is the part of moving most people dread the most.  And with good reason!  If you don’t pack your items correctly, you risk having them destroyed during the move.  However, you can prevent this from happening by hiring the best moving company to deal with your move.  Read this post on how to choose a moving company here.

When packers pack up your items for a move, they will do so with absolute care and efficiency.  You can expect that they will use proper packing supplies to ensure safe transport of all belongings.  In addition and due to their skill level, they will get your home or office packed up quicker than you would yourself!

Disassembly Of All Furniture

Full-service movers will certainly disassemble furniture for your move.  You will have items, such as tables, consoles, desks, bureaus, your bed and much more that will all need to be taken apart safely in order to transport it.

You may want to also ask if your moving company will be re-assembling your furniture as well.  Most should as you can not be expected to put together your bed frame on your own!  But specify everything with your moving company because each company has a different way of doing things.  Each company will also have a different way of charging you so it’s crucial to be aware in advance of your move.

Hauling Furniture Items And Boxes

Hauling your furniture items is also an important part of your full-service move.  Moving items from your home to the truck takes a lot of work.  However, this service is included with your full service move so rest assured.

If you have items that need to be discarded, you can contact a company for junk and furniture removal in addition to the moving services.  Many times, people don’t want to take everything to their new home.  This all should be sorted out beforehand.

Loading The Truck

Loading the truck is an important part of your full-service move and should be done correctly.  If your packers have packed up your boxes correctly (which they should have!) loading the truck will be no problem at all!

Traditionally, bulkier and heavier items will be placed on the bottom and light items or boxes with little trinkets, breakables and small items will be placed on top.

Moving Your Belongings

Full-service movers will transport belongings as any movers would.  Once everything has been packed properly, your belongings will then be transported in the moving van to the new destination. 

You will want to specify if there will be any additional stops on the way.  Get a clear estimate on how long the moving process will take so that you can choose the right moving company for the job!


In addition to packing up and loading your items, your full service moving company will be there to do the unpacking too!  You will want to specify how they charge for all of this.  As you know, having them work a little harder will certainly cost a little more.  However, most people find it to be worth it as the stress of moving can by a lot.

When the moving van arrives at it’s destination, the moving company will unload the boxes and furniture into your new place.  From here, they will assemble all furniture and unpack for you if you want them too.  It’s best to have boxes labeled appropriately to make the process more efficient.  However, most moving companies will know how to plan everything properly and make your move as easy and seamless as possible!

Throwing Stuff Out

Your full-service movers will additionally throw away and clean up any mess that they make.  This is essential as you don’t want a house full of empty boxes and packing supplies once they have moved you!


Determining Costs Of A Full-Service Move

While every company will charge a little different, there are ways you can easily determine the costs of your full service move.  Busy Beez Movers of Greenville, SC doesn’t charge extra for assembling and disassembling furniture.  So you may want to contact them and ask for an estimate!

Some of the things that might affect the cost of your full-service move:

  • The size of the move
  • How many movers are needed for your relocation
  • Distance of the relocation
  • Number of items to be packed
  • Amount of packing supplies needed
  • Number of hours working
  • Time of year for the relocation

How Long Does Packing And Moving Take?

This is a great question that many customers ask.  However, the amount of time it takes to pack for a move and relocate varies.  Some smaller moves such as apartment moves may take only a couple of hours.  However, larger moves can be planned and executed over the course of a few weeks.

Taking into consideration the distance of the move, the number of items to be moved, and the capacity of the movers is important in determining how long it takes to pack and move a person or business.

Hire The Best Movers For The Job

Perhaps the most important thing is to hire the best moving company for the job.  In doing so you will ensure the safe transport of all of your belongings and will be moved with less stress than if you hire inferior movers.

Hiring great movers doesn’t take a lot.  It just requires that you research a little and read online reviews.  You can also get references from family and friends to be sure that your move is in the right hands.

Here are some steps you can take to hire the best moving company for your full service move:

  • If you need packing, ask if they will pack for you and how do they charge
  • Get references from family and friends
  • Ask the company for references
  • Read reviews
  • Speak to them on the phone to get an idea of how they deal with people

We hope we have answered your questions related to full service moves and we hope you now know if moving companies will pack for you!

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