which moving company is the best

Are you wondering which moving company is the best? Well, I’m going to be honest. You’re not the only person wondering!

Many people want to know exactly who to hire and what moving company is the best choice for their relocation. And the truth is very simple. There’s not just one answer to this question!

But in this quick guide we will go over some of the ways you can choose the best moving company, what to look for and what steps you need to take. So let’s get started.

What Type Of Moving Company Do You Need?

In order to answer the complicated question of which moving company to hire that will do the best job, you’ll need to understand what you’re looking for. In the following blog post you’ll learn how to find the best relocation service for your job. As you know, there isn’t one answer to this question, but you can start by pinpointing what type of moving company you need.

Below are a few different types of relocation services most moving companies provide. Figure out what type of service you need and then we can decipher the best company for that service.

Local Move

Are you moving within state lines? Is your move a local move from one residence (or business) to another?

If you’re moving to a different town or county but staying within the same state, your move would be considered a local move. In situations such as this, reputable companies such as local movers Greenville Busy Beez Movers are definitely your best option!

Long Distance Relocation

Are you relocating to another state? Perhaps you’re moving to a different part of the country or even internationally.

Well, I’m going to be honest. Your long distance relocation needs to be handled by an expert. And if it’s not, there could be serious ramifications.

One of the best movers in the business is Busy Beez Movers. We are skilled in many different types of moving services. We offer flexible pricing and scheduling for your move too, so contact us today!

Residential Move

If your moving from one home to another, you will need to find the best residential moving company in the industry. These companies specialize in relocating homes and do all types of residential moves (from apartment moves to larger household moves).

One of the best residential movers Greenville is Busy Beez Movers. You should call them today and request your free moving quotes!

Commercial Relocation

If you are moving a corporate office or if you are an employee needing to relocate, you will want to hire the right company for the job. Moving an office building requires a special skillset that not everyone has. It’s important to be aware of that and find movers that are fit for the job!

Auto Transport

Finding the best movers for a vehicular relocation is crucial. It’s not as easy as you think to ship a car. You’ll want to be sure you hire a company that has the right equipment. Additionally, you certainly don’t want to hire commercial movers for an auto transport job! So do your research in advance to find the best moving team!

How Is Their Reputation?

Finding out which moving company is the best requires that you do a bit of homework. It’s especially important to look at online reviews to understand the mover’s reputation.

When you look at reviews, pay special attention to negative reviews. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the negative reviews a reflection of a deal-breaker bad situation or an angry customer who didn’t get their way?
  • If a similar experience happens during your move, will it ruin your relocation completely?
  • Do you see any red flags in any of the reviews you are reading?


Finding a top-notch mover is certainly not an easy task. But if you follow this guide and do some research, you’ll find a great company for your relocation.

Finding the relocation company of your dreams does not have any cookie-cutter answer. Everyone has a different idea of what the best movers will offer to them. However, this short guide should help you to decipher which moving company is the best one for you!

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