types of moves

Types Of Moves

It’s Important To Know The Types Of Moves

If you are interested in learning about the types of moves, this blog post will teach you everything.  Here you will learn several things about the different types of moves and relocation services, and why it’s important to understand this if you’re moving.

When you are embarking on a relocation, whether it is long distance relocation or a local move, you should know the type of move you will need.  The reasons why this is important include:

  • It will help you hire the right moving company
  • You will know what to expect
  • You will know how to prepare
  • You will know a range for the cost of the move
  • You won’t get ripped off

These are just a few of the reasons it’s important to know what type of move you need.  Below we will go over all of the different types.


Some Of The Most Common Relocation Types

Local Moves

A local move is basically exactly what it states.  It’s a local move!

With local moves, you do not cross over any state lines or go cross country.  Additionally, a local move is one that does not exceed 100 miles.

Usually, you hire someone in your area and they pack up your stuff and it’s delivered within the same day. If your move exceeds 100 miles, it is a long distance move.

Local moves can still be costly however.  But hiring the right local moving company is crucial to having a please and smooth moving experience.

Long Distance Relocation

Long distance relocation is any type of move that crosses over state lines.  Although every company will have a different definition of what exactly is a long distance move, most will agree.

Long distance moves can be a bit more complex.  If you are moving somewhere that is very far, you may not get your belongings for more than a day or two. 

Additionally, if you hire a bad company, they might not communicate how long the move will actually take.  And it could take up to two or three weeks which would be a major disaster.

Tips for handling long distance relocation:

  • Get multiple quotes
  • Ask questions
  • Read paperwork carefully before signing
  • Read through all reviews
  • Ask for references

Cross Country Move

A cross country move is a huge upheaval.  The average cost will definitely be up there in the thousands depending on several things:

  • Move size
  • Items to be transported
  • Distance

With a cross country move, you’re basically going from one side of the country to the other side of the country.  This is a move that needs proper planning and communication.  Additionally, you will want to hire a winning team!

Some tips for your cross country move:

  • Ask clear questions
  • Talk to past customers
  • Read reviews and pay attention to negative reviews
  • Do a thorough online search of the company
  • Clarify if the company is a moving company or brokers
  • Be wary of overly-friendly sales people
  • Google the points of contact

If you get any negative vibes, you should continue your search of a decent cross country moving team.

Residential Relocation

A residential relocation is any type of home move.  This could include and is not limited to:

With residential relocation, look for friendly and professional movers who have a long history of success in moving people residentially.  You will want to be sure you are hiring a company that is equipped to dealing with a residential move.  It is preferable to find a moving company near you as well.

Although residential moves have a large range of price points, you should be sure to hire a company that meets the following criteria:

  • Residential movers
  • Insured
  • Professional team
  • Proper equipment and vans


Commercial Move

A commercial move is any type of move of a corporate or business entity.  This could be an office move or the relocation of a warehouse to another facility.

Whatever the situation and circumstances, it’s important to hire skilled corporate movers.  This is because, in many scenarios, there will be machinery and logistics planning that will need to be undertaken.

Additionally, you will want to be clear on the following things:

  • How long will the move take?
  • When will my business by up and running again?
  • Are your movers skilled at corporate moves?
  • What company size are you most familiar with moving?

Clarifying what you need from your commercial moving team is the first step to a successful corporate move.  And don’t worry about interviewing several companies.  Sometimes the best way to get the right fit!

Auto Transport

Another type of move is an automobile transport.  In these situations, you will want to be sure to hire a company that does auto transport for your move.

Many people don’t realize the equipment that is needed to properly ship a vehicle from one place to another.  That’s why it’s so crucial to hire a company that specifically deals with transporting automobiles rather than just a regular mover.

Full Service Move

A full service move is essentially a move that offers everything.   If you don’t want to deal with packing stuff up, a full service moving company is the one you should hire.

Full service movers generally offer the following things:

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Assembling
  • Disassembling
  • Lifting
  • Wrapping
  • Moving logistics

If you want to have very little stress on move day, hire a full service moving company.  Although they can be a little bit pricey, we know you’ll think it’s worth it.

Many moving companies offer full-service options.  It’s important to be sure that they have a good knowledge of a reputation with full service moving.  So do your research!


We hope you are better prepared for your upcoming move.  Do your research, get multiple quotes, and we’re sure you’ll be in great hands.

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We hope you know the different types of moves and wish you luck on your relocation!

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