top 5 home buying trends of 2020

Top 5 Home Buying Trends For 2020

These top 5 home buying trends for 2020 are important to note if you are relocating this spring or summer with your family.

Many families opt to buy a home once winter has finally passed.  The weather is warmer, kids are out of school and it’s a more stable time for a residential move.  Residential movers Greenville SC says that over half the moves they conduct happen during the warmer months.

So, what does this mean for you and your family?  If you are searching for a home, there are certain trends that have come about over the last year or two.

In this blog post we will discuss the top 5 home buying trends of 2020. 

5 Trends To Consider When Buying A Home

Trend 1: Conduct Thorough Research

This important trend has become even more obvious over the last year or to.  The younger generations buying homes are being sure to conduct thorough research and they are taking their time to find the home of their dreams.

In past years, finding a home happened a lot quicker.  However, current homebuyers spend a lot of time thoroughly exploring different areas and finding the perfect home.

This is good because it’s important to understand everything about the home you are buying.  Purchasing a home is a big deal and it should be taken as such.

Trend 2: Smaller Living Spaces

If you have hired apartment movers you understand what it’s like to live in smaller spaces.  However, many modern day homebuyers are opting for a smaller space for a few different reasons.

In addition to spending more time traveling and enjoying activities outside of the home, buying a smaller space is a great choice and much more affordable.  Why own a huge home and property when you can spend the same money on experiences outside of the home?

home buying trend 3- modern kitchen

Trend 3: Kitchen Love

Our third trend among homebuyers is an emphasis on kitchen styles.  Greenville Movers, Busy Beez Movers mentions that they see a much stronger emphasis on open kitchens, modern appliances, and personalized cabinetry then in past years.

Cabinet trends are modern and clean in the year 2020.  Home owners are opting for solid color cabinets that extend to the ceiling and display a love of food, cooking and family.

Trend 4: Move-In Ready

In today’s world, there isn’t as much of an interest in updating a home on your own.  Home buyers are seeking move-in ready homes that are modern and fully updated.

Buyers are looking for homes that require less work on their part.  Additionally, people are more open to buying flips instead of flops.

Buyers who are not interested in house flipping are particularly looking at kitchens and bathroom to determine whether or not they will purchase a home.  New cabinetry and appliances, modern living spaces and hard wood floors are huge draws to buyers in today’s home buying market.

Trend 5: Investment Properties

Many home owners and buyers are focused on real estate value as a long term investment.  Millennials are more likely to buy a home based on future investment outlook that just step into a home that is nice.

With more knowledge of the real estate market and financial education, people are seeking out areas that have a higher potential for growth economically.  This is a huge change from past days when buyers would buy a home simply because they liked it and it was affordable.

Additionally, many home buyers who are interested in investing are purchasing homes with the intent to fix them up and sell them in the future.  As people are becoming more savvy and information is free on the internet, we are seeing a huge increase on purchases of investment properties and real estate.


We hope these tips will help you in the process of your relocation and home purchase.  Whether you are hiring local movers or a long distance moving company, these tips for finding and moving into your new home apply to you. Additionally, once you find a home, contact Busy Beez Movers for a free moving quote to get you into your new space.

Good luck on your journey into your new residence with your family.  We hope you have learned a lot from these top 5 home buying trends for 2020.

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