Top 20 Moving Tips (Most People Don’t Know!)

20 moving tips

Twenty Moving Tips You Need To Know For Your Move!

These top 20 moving tips that most people don’t know will get you started with your relocation. These moving hacks are sure to make life easier and your move as easy as 1-2-3!

As you know, most people dread the idea of moving. All of the little things, from packing belongings to organizing, renting a Uhaul, to asking friends and family to help is a pain. And who wouldn’t be stressed during a move?

Most people see the whole process of moving and transporting their belongings as a seriously stressful task. However, if you use these 20 little-known moving tips, your whole relocation experience might not be as bad.

Whether you are moving locally and choose local movers in Greenville like Busy Beez Movers or if you are planning a commercial relocation, the tips are just about always the same. So good luck and happy moving!

Here Are The Clever And Little-Known Tips And Hacks We Recommend!

Get Free Moving Boxes

Save just a little cash and acquire all the bins you need for free. Best places: the ‘free’ section on Craigslist, grocery and clothing stores, and warehouse style stores.

Stay On Schedule (And Plan Ahead!)

Plan ahead! Don’t forget to defrost, towel dried out, and clean your refrigerator 24-48 hours before moving day. Usually, it’ll be pretty stinky and leaky!

Take Pictures Of Plugs (Think Computers, TV’s And Other Electronics)

Before you disconnect these to be boxed up, take a picture on your phone or camera of the cords on the trunk of your television and other electronics so that you can remember where they all go! This can save you a huge amount of time when you set it up again.

Don’t Bring Everything!

Given that you’re sorting through all of your things, it’s a perfect time for you to see what can be donated or chucked altogether! Make an effort to pare down your possessions so your move will be a little easier and your new home will be a bit less cluttered.

If you’re hiring long distance movers Greenville Busy Beez Movers are the ones you can count on!

Use Large Garbage Bags For Any Hanging Attire

Keep the clothes on the hanger, but wrapped up. When you get to your brand-new abode, you need to off the garbage bags. Don’t forget to label which means you know whose stuff is whose!

Pack A Box For Your First Night

Most people don’t want to do that, and end up rummaging through several boxes on moving day to get their pajamas or the coffee maker. Pack yourself a first night box with all of your toiletries, some clothes, and anything you’ll need the next morning such as dishes and silverware or your hair-dryer.

Use Disposable Foam Plates For Packing

Since they’re already plate-shaped, foam disposable plates are awesome for packing your real plates. Put them among each plate in your stack before you pack it all up. Plus, you can totally course up the cheap comfort food you’ll want to get after you’ve finally unpacked your last box some day.

Plastic Wrap Drawers (With Everything Inside!)

Use saran wrap or any other plastic wrap to keep dressers drawers neat and shut when the moving vehicle jostles them about, or for trays of items which would be just fine residing in the trays so long as they didn’t fall out. Plus, you can leave its items in there, since the drawers no more have a risk of sliding open!

Use Wine Cases For Your Glassware

We’re pretty sure you’ll be drinking LOTS of wine in the days up to your move. However, if you’re not, there’s bound to be a bar, winery, or even some grocery stores that have empty wine boxes and cases you can snag. These will keep your glasses organized and it’s easy to stuff some newspaper and such in each area so there’s some padding to protect them.

Don’t Combine Items From Different Rooms

Keep items in one room in boxes independent from others, it’ll save you a lot of sanity when you finally unpack.

Make A Packaging Supplies Basket

Save yourself from losing packing supplies or playing around your house/apartment because you still left the scissors in a single room and the tape in the other.

Get yourself a box or a container for products that you can carry with you from room to room, that way you’ll have everything with you as you change jobs and don’t have to invest time retrieving products you still left in another room.

Use Egg Cartons For Jewelry

Using egg cartons to easily transport your jewelry is a simple moving hack that can do wonders. Everyone knows that jewelry can get all tangled while being sifted around. Using egg cartons is a great way to keep jewelry included and doesn’t are expensive!

Here’s an easy hack: Tape the egg cartons shut so nothing at all falls out. You can get tape at the 99 cents store for this to make it even less expensive. You should use toilet paper rolls for packing necklaces or loose bracelets. Just put one end through the move and fasten the clasp.

Cut holes in edges of boxes for easy lifting

Use a box-cutter to cut triangle-shaped holes on either aspect of your heavier bins to give you makeshift holders for easier raising!

Organize Your Screws And Bolts

If you have to dismantle any furniture for your move, don’t forget to keep all the loose screws and bolts organized! Put them in plastic material baggies and label them which means you know which furniture piece they’r for and don’t lose any.

Organize Seasonal Items In Storage space Bins

In the event that you don’t already store your seasonal/vacation items in plastic material bins, now’s enough time. That way, once you’re shifted in, you can simply transfer the plastic material bins to your wardrobe or basement and never have to unpack their items.

Keep fluids separate

Cleaning provides, dish-washing provides, whatever it is, if it’s water put it in another plastic material bin. If it falls or spills through the move and you’ve still left it in another box, it’ll soak everything. Ew.

Use Soft Items For Padding

You don’t need as much packaging material as you think! All sorts of soft items around your home may be used to securely and efficiently pack other items. Towels, socks, bed linens, and other soft or cushy things make great and free packing material. Green, too!

Color Code Your Labels

Black and white brands are hard to distinguish when you wish to begin unpacking at a non-glacial pace. Use colorful brands instead – you can handwrite them, or just printing some out – and devise a color-coding system for your containers to easily keep track of what’s where.

Use A Rubber Band To KEEP THE Front Door Unlocked

When actually moving your containers into your vehicle or van, you’ll be moving in and out of the house a lot. Cover a elastic band around one doorknob and extend it around your door to cover the other end on the contrary knob. This could keep your door from unintentionally getting shut and locking you out in case someone forgets to keep it unlocked!

Keep fluids separate

Cleaning provides, dish-washing provides, whatever it is, if it’s water put it in another plastic material bin. If it falls or spills through the move and you’ve still left it in another box, it’ll get everything soaked which you definitely won’t want to deal with come moving day

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Whether you choose to move on your own or if you hire a reputable mover such as residential relocation Greenville with Busy Beez Movers, you are sure to make it without a lot of stress. If you follow these 20 moving tips, we know you’ll be happy!

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