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Top 10 Tips For Moving With Kids

These top 10 tips for moving with kids will get your relocation started on the right track.  Moving with a family, especially with kids can be a particularly difficult and new experience, for you and for them.  Not only are you dealing with the common moving stressors, but you are also dealing with helping your kids through the process as well.

Get Them Ready

However, these tips will help you through the process of residential relocation and make it more manageable for you and your family.  So let’s get started with our 10 tips for moving with kids.

10 Crucial Tips For Your Family Move

Tip 1: Tell Your Kids In Advance

Tip one might sound a little obvious.  However, you couldn’t imagine how many parents keep moving a secret from their children until a day or two before.  However, this is usually a terrible mistake.

Busy Beez Movers recommends telling children as early as possible without it being problematic for you or them.  Usually, one to two months in advance is a good amount of time to let the thought of moving settle in. Show them pictures of the new house that you will live in and make them feel involved in the move.

Additionally, telling your kids in advance gives them the opportunity to let their friends know in a dignified way.  This is important so that your children and their friends can heal from the trauma of losing a bestie.

Tip 2: Watch A Movie

You wouldn’t believe how helpful it can be to watch a movie with your children about guess what?  Moving!

There are so many movies about moving and other similar themes.  Watching them together is a great way to open up and discuss what the process could be like. In this way, your kids can figure out that they aren´t the only ones that will go through this kind of situation.

Some of the movies we love that are great for kids who are moving include:

  • Toy Story
  • The Karate Kid
  • Inside Out
  • My Neighbor Totoro


Tip 3: Talk About It

Talking about the upcoming move frequently is a great way to break the ice with your kids.  You may not know it but your children will probably be thinking about moving quite a bit.  It’s important to help your kids process their emotions by talking about the upcoming move, mostly if it is a new experience for them.

Sometimes children need a little prompting to open up about their feelings.  Some questions you can ask include:

  • How do you feel about moving?
  • Are you excited to be going to a new home and place?
  • Do you feel scared about moving?
  • Did you tell your friends about moving?  What did they say?

Even if you know the answers, these icebreakers are important to ask.  They will get your children opening up about their feelings about the move and will make handling it much easier.

Tip 4: Make It Fun

There are many ways you can make the upcoming move fun?  Visualize the city and talk about the positive things your children should look forward to.

Maybe they are moving into a nice beautiful house with a pool.  Or perhaps there’s a park down the street from the new home. Let them know about the new fun adventures they will have.

Whatever you do, make the move seem like a wonderful positive experience and your kids will feel better about it too!

Tip 5: Start Packing Early

Start packing early to help alleviate some of the moving jitters.  Pack at least 1 to 2 months in advance, and have your kid or kids help you.

This will create a bonding experience that will be reinforced during the move.  It will also help by keeping things calm on move day.


Tip 6:  Have A Party

Having a going away party is a great way to finalize your move and allow your children to say their goodbyes.  Moving parties can also offer support in the form of help with packing and loading vehicles.

Your children will leave the old town feeling good about their friendships and goodbyes.  And giving this to them is priceless.

Tip 7:  Learn About Your New City

What new town or city will you be moving to?  Fantasize about it and all the wonderful things with your kids. Check out different entertainment sites for kids and get them excited with pictures of the places you will visit.

Are you hiring apartment movers to get you situated in a big city?  Talk about it with excitement to your kids and learn about the area.  This will help them feel better about moving and also experience the same excitement.

Tip 8:  Help Others

Helping others is a great way to get your kids out of their head and thinking of other things.  Additionally, it will help grow their feelings of compassion and empathy and will lead to more emotional maturity.

Why not ask your children how their friends might be feeling about their move?  Reinforce that they are moving to a wonderful new place and that their friends are probably sad that they are leaving, also that they will have new friends for sure.

Additionally, you can suggest things for them to do to help their friends feel better during the move. Shifting focus is a great tactic and will definitely help big time.

Tip 9: Tell The School

One of the tips for moving with kids is this next one that concerns notifying the school. Telling your children’s school in advance is an important part to achieve proper closure.  Schools often like to plan parties and similar things so that children get to say their goodbye’s.  This is an important part of the process.  Please notify your school at least one to two months in advance.

Tip 10:  Plan For Move Day

Planning for the day of the move is perhaps one of the most important things you can do.  Whether your preparing for a local move or a long distance move, you will want to plan well in advance.

You will want to be sure to do the following things:

  • Have a day-of-move box
  • Pack games
  • Have everything packed
  • Have all laundry done (or hire laundry services)
  • Have lots of snacks
  • Bring books
  • Bring a tablet and download movies

Keeping your kids happy on move-day will make it easier for you and them!


We know moving isn’t always easy.  If you still feel unsettled, check out this moving checklist to help you out! 

We hope that this blog post will help you move into your new place with your children as easily as possible. These tips for moving with kids should help and we certainly hope they do.

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