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If you wanted tips for an affordable move and how to find cheap movers, you are in the right place. In this post we will teach you everything.

There is an adage that says that “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. This means that everything comes at a cost. However, some costs are better than others. So, if you have ever considered moving to a new place, then the cost of moving must have crossed your mind at some point. Finding a cheap moving company is not such a difficult task if you know exactly where to look.

Hence, while moving might seem like such a great idea, it is also in your best interest to consider its cost implications as well. A lot of people tend to believe that moving is always expensive, but those who feel this way are most likely are not looking for cheap moving companies in the right places.

Moving on a slim budget is workable, if well-planned and organized. Hence, to do this successfully, you must be able to develop a practical plan of action that prioritizes value-driven and low-cost strategies for moving. You must also be careful enough to leave room for necessary last-minute changes that could come up.

It is important to note that moving at an unbelievably low cost is pure fiction. Ridiculously cheap estimations are usually used to entice potential movers, preventing them from being rational when making important choices. A lot of  ‘juicy’ relocation packages (at a ridiculously cheap rate) are bound to get you swindled one way or another, so your next question probably is “how can I find genuine and affordable movers?”

To find movers that provide quality and affordable services, dependable referrals are key. You must conduct a proper assessment of multiple moving companies that you are considering, and then choose a few of them whose services suit your needs. Put a call through to them to discuss your relocation activities and the rates offered for the service you require; scrutinize and compare these rates, and then go with the company that has your best interests at heart,

Below is an easy guide on the procedures of moving for finding a great and cheap moving company!

Tips For Finding Cheap And Affordable Moving Companies


Your chances of getting the services of a dependable and affordable moving company are dependent on how early you commence your search:

You will have a list to choose from – The services of affordable moving companies are usually in high demand. Hence, you cannot afford to do a last-minute search. Consequently, you will need to begin your search for moving companies a few months before. This way, you have a whole list of reliable professionals to choose from.

Get a discounted service – Due to competition, many moving companies and residential movers have discount packages for early bookings., and you should take advantage of this.

Flexible planning – Planning your relocation way ahead of time gives you the chance to choosing the most convenient dates available when moving will also be affordable. For example, choosing to move to a new house on a weekday could be cheaper than moving on a weekend.

Try not to procrastinate – Last-minute hiring of moving company leaves no room for you to negotiate or make choices that will suit you. Else, you will most likely will end up paying outrageous prices for a simple service. There is a mobile app for moving that will help you with every detail; from inventory to moving costs – MoveAdvisor


Although it could be quite convenient and safer to hire moving services with popular names in the moving industry, choosing local moving companies will cost you far less. Big moving companies have carved a niche for themselves and their well-defined mode of operation could come with extra convenience fees. Hence, their brand name alone comes at a price.

On the contrary, local moving companies focus on local communities, working hard to win the hearts of the locals by offering lower costs to increase their client base. So, with companies like these, it is easy to get first-hand information about the quality of their services from locals within the community.


Conducting thorough scrutiny of the information you gather about the moving companies will help you perform an objective shortlisting. You could go further by reading online reviews and company profiles of the shortlisted companies and watch out for red flags like no company address, no MC license number etc. 

Also, do not forget to search the databases of some consumer protection sites like, etc. This will allow you to find companies with records of client complaints further helping you to narrow down your selection. After choosing the moving company that best suits your needs and pocket, your next line of action will be to request a quote for your moving process.


You must have an on-site visit of the moving company you eventually settle with to conclude final arrangements around costs and phone conversations might not be sufficient. You must show the moving company’s representative all the items that you intend to move and ensure that they have all the needed information about these items. Also, have a final discussion regarding all the necessary details about your relocation. 

Be patient with your due diligence – Jumping at the very first offer you get, no matter how promising it looks is not a good move. Get at least three written cost estimates; these will give you an idea of the reasonable rates are. Finally, beware of offers that appear too good to be true as this can be used to lure and rip people off.

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To get the right, cheap moving company, you need to get as much information as possible about the company and their mode of operation.

Quiz the company about the most important details of your move to be sure that they got it right. The best time to do this is when the moving company representative comes over to do a visual survey of your items to be moved.

Here are a few questions you should ask:

  • What is the company’s full name, address, phone number, e-mail, and website?
  • What is the company’s USDOT number and/or MC license number?
  • How long has the business has been operational?
  • What kind of liability coverage do they provide?
  • Will they be using subcontractors to do the job?
  • What services are included in the moving estimate?
  • What do they consider as extra services? and what kind of rates are charged for them?
  • What is the initial % deposit required upfront? and what are their cancellation policies?
  • What payment methods they do they accept?
  • Will you be allowed you to pack your items yourself? and are they willing to accept the liability for self-packed items?
  • What kind of items are prohibited for movement?
  • What measures are in place for broken or missing items?
  • How long the move will take?


All conditions agreed upon including the total cost of movement must be put down in writing (the distance to your destination, the type and quantity of goods you are moving, the pick-up and delivery times and any added services requested by you). If you are doing an office mover or a commercial relocation, take that into consideration too as costs will be different.

Study and compare their offers carefully, and ensure that you clarify anything that you do not understand via a phone call. Finally, make a reasonable choice based on your findings.

 Once you have made your choice, double-check to ensure that you are dealing with a licensed and insured mover that is dependable and experienced enough for you to entrust your items with.   


Here’s another one of many tips for an affordable move you’re really going to love. All things being equal and after selecting a reasonable and professional moving company that meets all your standards, ensure that take extra steps to;

Go to the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), then enter the USDOT of your chosen moving company to verify its licensing details.

Check the company’s record of complaints by calling the FMSCA’s Safety Violation and Consumer Complaints hotline. Also, check the company’s records with the Better Business Bureau to further get clarity on how claims and disagreements have been settled in the past. 

Ensure that you pay a visit to the office of the moving company you have chosen. This will allow you to to get a first-hand impression of its working model.

Finally, try to get direct feedback from those who have used the company recently.  

If you are content with the results of your enquiries, then you can move on to cross-checking the moving company’s documentation before contracting them for a move.


 Ensure that you have a comprehensive record of all your items and all required information about the items you are placing in the mover’s care. This record should also have a detailed description of their present condition and estimated costs. Also, ensure that you carefully study the Bill of Lading and that you understand and agree with the conditions stated.

Once you have done all these checks and you are fine with the outcomes; you can go ahead to book their services immediately and begin to prepare for your relocation.

In Summary

We hope you now realize the ways you can cut expenses for your move and have learned a lot from this post. If you’re looking for tips for an affordable move and how to find cheap movers, we hope you learned a lot!

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