things movers will not move

Things Most Moving Companies Will Not Move

6 Things Moving Companies Won’t Move

When packing up your items in your home and embarking on a residential relocation or commercial relocation adventure, there are things you should know in advance of your move. First off, you must learn what items are unable to be placed onto a moving company’s truck.

There are many of these such items which are prohibited for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are such as keeping the moving company employees safe, keeping your belongings safe, and not causing any added stress to the moving process. Whether you have hired someone for a local move or cross country move alike, you will encounter many of the same standards for relocation safety.

In this article, you will learn what things movers won’t move, and this will make the moving process as smooth as possible.

Guns or Ammunition

Movers will not move firearms or firearm ammunition in their moving trucks. Guns are prohibited due to many reasons, such as state firearm regulations that each state has. Some states have stringent firearm laws that may put you in legal trouble if the movers find themselves traveling in that state. Another reason is the safety concerns that moving companies have towards their employees. Gun powder is highly flammable, and the extreme heat inside the back of a moving truck can lead to a dangerous environment.


Moving companies will refuse to transport any living thing, such as pets. The environment in the back of a moving truck is too dangerous for pets to be safely transported between locations.

The storage part of moving vehicles can reach temperatures upwards of 160 degrees in the summer months in some places. Along with these extreme temperatures, items shift inside of the moving truck during the driving process that can easily injure a pet.

For this reason, moving your pets in a moving truck is literally impossible. And your apartment movers will definitely agree!

Perishable Food Items

Food items that are considered perishable are things such as poultry, meat, milk, or vegetables. Frozen foods are also regarded as perishable due to the need to be frozen to stay consumable. These items can become spoiled in an environment like a moving truck and be dangerous to eat afterward. Eat all foods that are considered perishable before you move, and buy these items at your new location.

Hazardous Materials

Some items contain harmful chemicals that could affect the moving company employees and lead to dangerous driving conditions-things such as paint, paint thinner, batteries, or aerosol items. Paint and paint thinner give off strong chemicals that, when inhaled, can lead to adverse side effects such as dizziness, irritation to the nose, and blurring of vision. Batteries contain acid, and in some stronger batteries like automotive batteries contain sulfuric acid. Automotive battery acid can lead to severe injury and the burning of the skin.

Flammable Items

Due to the environment of the back of the moving truck, flammable items are prohibited from being transported. Items like kerosene, gasoline, charcoal, or aerosol sprays should be discarded appropriately before starting the moving process. Removing flammable items also includes removing gas from gas-powered machines such as lawnmowers, weed-eaters, or chainsaws.


Believe it or not, household plants cannot be transported on long-distance moves. Household plants are banned from being moved due to some state’s regulations regarding local pests that may be on household plants.


There are many items which might not be allowed by your moving company of choice to transport during the relocation process. And this is for good reason, nonetheless.

But for items such as food products and plants which some movers will perhaps allow, you should always check with your chosen moving company prior to move day.

During your free quote process, you can ask your moving company for their regulations and restrictions as far as what you are allowed to transport. This will help you so that there are no hidden surprises on move day.

We hope this article has helped you to learn the things movers will not move and we wish you luck on your upcoming relocation.

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