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Moving This Summer?  10 Tips You Should Know

If you are moving this summer, these 10 moving tips will make your move a breeze.  As you know, moving during the summer presents a different set of challenges for movers.  Between the summer heat and the mad rush of relocating during the busiest time of the year, your relocation can be a bit hectic.  But these tips will lighten your load and make the process smoother.

Here’s everything you need to know about moving during peak season.

10 Moving Tips For Your Summer Relocation

Tip 1: Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is an important part of moving during the summer.  Failing to stay hydrated could result in less energy and dehydration. 

Pack several water bottles with you for your move.  Packing and lifting is certainly not easy so be prepared to stay hydrated so you can be your best.

Tip 2: Pack Early

Packing early is something you should do whether your move during the summer or not.  Packing early helps to ease some of the stress that can accompany a move. 

Many moving companies will pack for you.  So you should ask whether the moving company you hire offers packing services as this will make the process so much easier.  Be aware, however, that pricing is jacked up during the summer months due to the overwhelming number of moves that take place.  So you might pay a little more for a full service move during the summer than during an off-season month.

Tip 3: Choose The Right Movers

This tip might sound a bit obvious, but many people don’t consider their needs during a move.  Getting a few quotes is a great way to begin to seek out a moving company that meets your needs from top to bottom.

Ask yourself a few of these questions:

  • Am I moving my home or an office?
  • Is my move a large move or a small local move?
  • Do I have any special needs that a moving company might be able to account for?
  • Do I need an affordable moving company or is my budget limitless?

Choosing the right movers for the job will get you to your new space safely and happily.  Whether you need commercial movers or a residential mover, you should be sure you hire ones that specialize in the type of move you are seeking.

Tip 4: Remember COVID-19

We’re not completely out of the woods as far as COVID-19 is concerned.  Remembering to practice safe moving practices is a great thing to do if you’re moving shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read this post here on moving during coronavirus to understand exactly what it takes.  In addition you can read this article on how to find the best coronavirus moving company to help make the process of choosing movers easier.

Tip 5: Change Your Address

You can change your address a short while before you move.  Just fill out the form at here and submit your change of address request.  In addition, you can visit your local post office and submit a change of address and mail forwarding request.

Tip 6: Dress Appropriately

You might not think it’s that big of a deal, but you need to dress appropriately for a summer move. Wearing light, airy clothing is the best way to go- especially if you’re moving and packing yourself.

Dressing appropriately for your move will make the process easier.  The last thing you want is to be hot and sweaty during your relocation.

Tip 7: Move On A Wednesday

Moving on an off day (such as a Wednesday) is a great way to secure a good deal on your move.  In addition, you won’t feel as rushed as with a weekend summer move.  Call your moving company of choice and ask them what days are the best if you’re moving during the summer.  Then schedule your move and reap the rewards of moving on an off-day!

Tip 8: Pack Smart

Packing smart is being aware of the items you pack that may be affected and spoiled by heat.  There are many things moving companies will not move, but many times people try to move food items and stuff like that anyway.  However, you will want to be aware that this is a very bad idea- especially when the heat in your moving truck can reach really high levels.

Pack smart and you’ll be very happy you did!

Tip 9:  Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a great tip for moving during the summer.  If you plan ahead it’s more likely that things will go more smoothly.

Don’t be afraid to write things down, make lists and try out some handy moving apps to make your process a little easier.  Plan ahead and you’ll be so glad you did!

Tip 10: Say Goodbye

Tip #10 is one we don’t talk about often but it’s probably one of the most important tips. You’re leaving your old life to start a new one.  Why not say goodbye to your friends and start out your journey on the right foot?  When you’re all settled into your new home, you’ll sleep a little sounder knowing you had a chance to say goodbye.


Moving during the summer can be a little difficult. However, we hope these summer moving tips will help you ease into your new life and make the most of your summer relocation.

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