Study Reveals That the Most Stressful Life Event Is Moving


One would imagine that getting divorced, having a child, or beginning a new career will be at the top of the list of life’s most stressful events. According to a recent study, none of these, however, even come close to the stress of relocating.

Most Stressful Life Event

A total of 1,000 Americans who had recently moved were polled on their most traumatic life events. According to the researchers, respondents chose relocating the most often (45 percent ).

Going through a divorce or breaking up with someone isn’t far away at (44 percent ). Other major stressors include having a wedding (33%), raising children (31%), beginning one’s first job (28%), and changing professions (28%). (27 percent ). Sending a child to college (26 percent), beginning college (22 percent), dating someone new (10 percent), and adopting a new pet round out the top ten (7 percent ).

According to the survey, which was commissioned by North American Van Lines, 64% of respondents consider their most recent move to be one of the most stressful events they’ve ever had. Furthermore, after their last relocation, 43% of Americans vow that they will never move again.

On the other hand 94 percent of those who hired movers for their most recent move (578 respondents) said it was well worth the money.

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