Should I Move To Greenville SC

Moving is one of the biggest life events that people go through. The US Census found that the average person can expect to move about 11 times in their lifetime. So, it makes sense that you want to research, visit, and discuss where you’ll move next. After all, once you make that decision, there’s no easy way to quickly change plans, housing arrangements, etc. With so many great towns and cities all over this great country, where should you move? At Busy Beez Movers, we love our home—Greenville, SC. Now, you might be wondering: should I move to Greenville, SC? Let us tell you why you should move here. 

You Love The Outdoors

Do you love spending time outside? If you do, Greenville has plenty of options for everyone. Greenville has it all. From biking, hiking, swimming, ice skating, kayaking, and more, you’ll find it here. The Blue Ridge Mountains surround the city and make for a beautiful backdrop. 

If you love hiking and biking, check out the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It’s 22 miles long and runs throughout and around the city. It’s a great place to get away, take in nature, and experience a part of history—the trail is a part of an abandoned railroad. The city is great for kids and has plenty of parks, green spaces, and places to explore. 


You Like Good Food

Who doesn’t like great food? We’re willing to bet you do. Whether you enjoy international or American cuisine, Greenville is a melting pot. Many restaurants take classic favorites and add a unique and tasteful twist. Take Soby’s, for example. Soby’s is a restaurant that features new South cuisine. They make delicious southern classics with modern additions. Instead of a plate of fried green tomatoes, Soby’s offers a new take: fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese fondue. Yum!

Greenville, SC Has A Low Cost Of Living

When you’re looking for a new place to live, one of the most important things to think about is cost. There’s nothing worse than moving to a new city that’s overpriced. Well, with Greenville, you’re in luck. BestPlaces reports that Greenville’s cost of living comes in at 89.8. That’s more than ten points under the national average. The affordability index considers many factors, like housing, food, health care, etc. 

Need Help With Your Move?

So, are you still wondering, “why should I move to Greenville, SC?” If so, visit our city’s website to learn more about events, the community, and its rich history. Finally, if you need a professional moving company with a track record of top-notch service and care, consider us! Whether you’re local or out of state, we’re here to help you move. Give Busy Beez Movers a call today, and get on our schedule.


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