5 Reasons To Visit Greenville

5 reasons to visit greenville this summer

5 Reasons to Visit Greenville, South Carolina this Summer,

…and maybe move there yourself!

Greenville, South Carolina is a little slice of alpine paradise, situated at a major travel nexus connecting New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Florida. If you thought no town is perfect, guess again!

With a plethora of things to do, an economy on the rise, and some of the best landscape in North America, Greenville may just become your new hometown. And we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if you hopped on the boat and called residential movers to move you to this wonderful city!

1. Majestic Views of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Totally Gasp-worthy

Greenville is nestled snugly at the feet of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which beckon to those seeking adventure and a return to nature. Stunning vistas can be found on the many hiking trails in the area, just waiting for you to witness them. With so much natural beauty surrounding Greenville, it becomes clear where it got its name.

There are so many different parks and nature trails in the area, I couldn’t possibly list them all. Whether you’re interested in day hikes, camping, fishing, hunting, or maybe just viewing them from the comfort of your car, the Blue Ride Mountains have a bit of something for everyone.

2. Big-City Amenities, Small-Town Charm

All of the Benefits, None of the Headache

Big cities tend to be crowded, noisy, dirty, and cursed with continuous traffic. Small towns tend to lack certain modern amenities that residents of larger places have become accustomed to. Greenville eliminates both of these problems, while achieving the best of both worlds.

With a steadily rising population of 65 thousand residents, Greenville is large enough to attract common-place and beloved national business while still feeling and operating with a small-town vibe. The residents are friendly, and welcome visitors and new neighbors alike.

Gas is cheap, amenities prices are low, and cost of living is actually affordable! And as an added bonus to any who are tempted to migrate, there are 10 Universities and colleges within driving-distance of Greenville, as well as the best public schooling in the region.

Whether you come from a cultured, modern big city, or a sleepy, humble small town, you’ll feel right at home in Greenville, no matter where you’re from!

3. Takin’ a Trip Downtown

Culture, History, Beauty… and Trolleys!

A trip into historic downtown Greenville is well worth your time. With a smorgasbord of shops, galleries, and restaurants, the opportunities for fun are endless. Perhaps you want to visit a high-class art museum as well as spend the afternoon being wined and dined by some of the best chefs in the region?

Simple! Just tear your mesmerized eyes away from the paintings and sculptures at the Museum and Gallery at Bob Jones University and hitch a ride with one of the newly upgraded trolley-cars to your very own Greenville culinary tour! Gorgeous architecture blends stunningly into the picturesque landscape, lending downtown a sense of beauty and charm that is hard to replicate.

Countless venue options to choose from means there’s a constant list of new events and shows passing through. A typical weekend in Greenville, South Carolina may host as many as five different unique events. The excitement never ends in Greenville, come and see for yourself.

4. Water, Water Everywhere!

Get Ready to Make a Splash

Greenville is within short driving distance of not one, but two waterparks, each technically classifying as aquatic heaven. Spend your time floating peacefully down a lazy river, or go all out and brave the mega slides, whatever floats your boat! Not a fan of waiting in line?

Try a kayaking trip down the scenic Green River Gorge; or plan a whitewater adventure with Wildwater to go rafting down the Chatooga River, a beautiful stretch of freshwater rafting amidst some of the most prime landscape in South Carolina.

Looking for something a little more… calm? Well, paddle on over to Drift Float & Spa, a state-of-the-art meditative spa fully equipped with mind-bending sensory deprivation tanks that will have you floating on cloud nine. Greenville is absolutely fantastic for those of us who are pretty certain we spent a past life or two as a fish.

5. Local Suds Ain’t No Duds

See-It-to-Believe-It Local Beer Scene

Greenville boasts some of the best locally-made beer in the country, and has enough breweries to make a pub-crawl turn into a pub-trek. Try out some farmhouse-style beer crafted in the old-school way out at the Birds Fly South Ale Project, then walk next door to the taco shop for some seriously good food.

Looking for something with more of a local specialty kind of vibe? Thomas Creek Brewery has got your back, with its hand-crafted ales, stouts, and IPA’s made with fresh, pure water from the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of town. If you’re interested in more of an eat-and-drink combo, why not take a peek at the Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant? Their Upstate Kölsch was made specifically for the region, matching a blonde ale with sunny Greenville.

For those who enjoy live music and hanging out with the buds, Quest Brewing Co. has it all. A backyard stage hosts musicians most nights, and food trucks frequent the cozy bar for hungry customers. Last, but definitely not least, is a brewery that has a major claim to fame. Yee-Haw Brewing Company in downtown showcases the World Beer Cup award-winning Dunkel, as well as pretty much everything else you could dream of.

After you’re nice and toasty, you can show your friends how awesome you are by whooping them at any of the yard games available outside.


Greenville has captured the heart and soul of many a person over the years, and it’s easy to see why. The population has been growing recently as more and more folks realize just how amazing Greenville really is. Many people call upon their movers to get on the bandwagon and move to this wonderful city.

With so many things to do, explore, and experience, a person could spend a lifetime in Greenville and still want more. Come and see for yourself, but as you’re packing your house and family to move there, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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