Top 5 Reasons You Need To Move To Greenville

reasons to move to Greenville SC

5 Reasons You Should Consider Moving To Greenville SC

For those of us who already live here, it’s not hard to explain why Greenville is such a great place to live. But for those who reside in other parts of the United States (or the globe), the idea of a perfect city that has so much to offer might be a little far-fetched.

However, South Carolina’s Greenville has been at the top of almost every list of highly rated places to live. And it’s not such a mystery as to why!

So here we will go over our top 5 reasons you should consider moving to Greenville this year! And if you’re looking for a Greenville moving company, we’ll give you advice on that too!

Great For Families

Greenville is a relocation hot-spot for many reasons, and it has a lot to offer families seeking to relocate. With public schools that are top-notch and a safe place to call home, Greenville is one of the most sought out cities to live in the United States.

In addition to being safe and having great schools, the city itself combines a residential feel in a slightly urban setting. There are many parks, shops, restaurants and businesses to enjoy which makes Greenville a top choice for families big and small.

Affordable Living

One of the biggest draws of moving to Greenville is the area’s affordability. The median home value is $255,600 and the median rent is below the country’s national average. What a treat!

Young couples looking to settle down should consider Greenville a very reasonable option. In addition, retirees and empty nesters interested in downsizing in a great and affordable city should consider the area too.

Great Restaurants

Greenville’s food culture is certainly booming and demands a spot on our top 5 list. The city has an array of cuisine but certainly knows how to satisfy those southern taste buds.

With restaurants serving the best comfort food in the world, Greenville chefs are the ones to call upon for some fried chicken or shrimp and grits. If you’re a foodie, Greenville has a spot reserved for you in one of its many restaurants.

Booming Economy

Despite being relatively small, Greenville boosts a strong economy with ample job opportunities and corporate offices. For people seeking to capitalize on its growing economy, Greenville is a great city to live.

Additionally, there’s a diverse range of job offerings in Greenville which offers the promise of stability to growing families and ambitious individuals. No matter what your profession or career aspirations, Greenville is the city for you!

Art And Culture

Greenville is home to a vast array of museums and historical sites. You can see world renowned artists at the Greenville County Museum of Art or visit the Children’s Museum of The Upstate for something to do with the little ones.

Additionally, Greenville is home to a variety of entertainment venues for enriching performances, concerts and music. If you’re looking for a city with rich and culturally diverse entertainment, Greenville is the perfect spot.


With so much to offer, we are sure you’re considering moving to one of South Carolina’s favorite cities. From its affordability to the vast array of things to do, we’re sure your decision won’t be very hard.

And if you do in fact decide to move, you can choose one of the city’s local movers to make the transition a little easier. Additionally, Busy Beez Movers is a Greenville residential movers that is sure to help.

Good luck to you and we can’t wait to see you in our beloved city!

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