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Don’t Forget To Ask Questions During Your Estimate!

Are you wondering what questions to ask when getting a moving quote? This blog post will go over all of the important things you should never overlook!

There are many important questions you should ask anytime you request free moving quotes from relocation companies. A free estimate is offered to provide valuable information and should be taken advantage of. However, many new movers often overlook the important things to ask and realize at the last minute.


Things To Ask Your Movers About Their Pricing Policies

Learn a few of the basic issues to inquire an agent if you are obtaining a quote for your move.

Talk To Your Moving Representative

It’s important to look around and review different company prices before signing a contract with any moving company. What you never hear is that it’s more difficult than simply just asking.

TIP: Greenville movers, Busy Beez Movers suggests calling at least 3-5 different companies prior to making a decision.

As you may or may not know, different moving companies have different ways of charging for their services. It’s vital to know specifically what you’re getting with your move, if there will be any extra charges, and what you’re having to pay before you make a decision on who to hire.

That said, if you ask your movers and your gut tells you something is off, run for the hills. Moving companies should be transparent with their pricing.

Some things you can do during the research process:

  • Read reviews
  • Get references from friends and family
  • Read the fine print on any contracts you sign

Read consumer reviews and get an idea of who your dealing with prior to reaching out and making a call. Although most movers are professional and cater to their customers, some movers are not.

Local movers Greenville, Busy Beez Movers has transparent and flexible pricing. They do not charge extra for stairs, assembling or disassembling furniture.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty! Listed below are 5 important questions you should always be sure to ask prior to hiring movers.

You should find out if the company you are hiring takes credit card payments

5 Questions To Ask When Getting An Estimate

QUESTION 1: What are your charges for extra services? What do you consider to be “extra”.

Don’t EVER assume that all you need is automatically included in the contract you’re signing. Many people get lured into an attractive contract and don’t know there are hidden costs and fees.

Residential movers Greenville, Busy Beez Movers has transparent pricing and does not do that. Some carriers do and extra services can include long carry costs, shuttle services, storage-in-transit costs, furniture disassembly and reassembly costs, among other things.

Review everything they provide and all you need to make sure your requirements are covered. If anything you need is not really included in the contract, ask just how much it would price to include it, and be sure to do this with every moving company you’re considering hiring so you can effectively evaluate prices. No-one likes getting surprise charges on their bill.

QUESTION 2: What valuation of items do you provide and what will it cover?

Accidental damage can happen throughout a move, and valuation can help cover the expense of repairing or replacing broken items. The cheapest cost valuation package at most moving companies pays a flat price per pound for broken items, so it’s smart to set up a good example to moving companies.

Ask how much each one of the valuation deals would purchase a damaged furniture piece that cost a thousand dollars and weighs 25 pounds.

QUESTION 3: Is this the final estimate or will there be extra fees?

It is best to get an on-site estimate, because a moving company could better assess your belongings. Additionally, you are less likely to get hit with hidden fees when a mover does an in-person quote.

A nonbinding estimate could suggest you could potentially get stuck with additional costs and fees for services. It’s important to demand a written, binding estimate.

This will ensure that your price doesn’t go beyond the quoted price. And if a mover refuses to do this, you should think twice about their services.

QUESTION 4: Are there any discounts or special offers you can apply to my relocation?

It never hurts to ask if there are discounts available. Some movers offer discounts to veterans, users of professional or social organizations, and also to seniors. Also inquire if there’s a low cost for paying in cash instead of with a debit card.

QUESTION 5: How (and when) do you accept payment?

The first thing you need to know is whether you should deposit a deposit. Many moving companies will require a percentage of the full total bill, often only 20{97ad28f21e067c4c30a4f1f6ae17c4c7ce0cd2833650d94f33bd3e8cd62f1938}, to end up being paid upon loading with the others due after the work has been finished. Don’t simply assume you won’t have to pay anything until the job is done.

You’ll also have to know what payment methods they accept. Most companies accept credit cards, however, many may still need a check or cash. If you’re having to pay by check, discover out whether an individual check will be approved, or whether you need a cashier’s check.

Getting a quote from us is really as easy as providing your moving details and a telephone number, but we motivate everyone to reach out and inquire as many questions as they’d like. We want you to feel totally comfortable with your choice of moving company.

Request a FREE estimate from Busy Beez Movers and contact us today!

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