moving mistakes you need to avoid

Moving Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

Moving is a part of life and it’s only natural to be anxious about it when the time comes. It can be a very stressful and exhausting experience especially when you are not properly prepared for it. Consequently, lack of preparation could lead to mistakes which could seriously affect your smooth transition.  However, many common mistakes can be avoided by carefully adhering to the tips provided below.

What Not To Do When You Move

1. Not allocating enough time to pack

To pack the right way, you need time and proper organization. This means you have to start packing in the weeks that lead up to the moving day. So, it is pertinent that you draw up a schedule for yourself on what items to pack for each day leading up to the moving day.

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2. Not researching movers. 

The moving process can be a lot less stressful when you get a moving company with an awesome reputation to deliver quality service and save costs.  Whether you hire local movers or long distance movers, it’s important to do research beforehand.

You can get a good moving company by doing your research about the moving company’s credibility, history, recommendations and conflict resolution. You can also get a good moving company by simply asking around; family, friends and neighbors will most likely have a first-hand experience of services of various moving companies in your area.  

The essence of this due diligence is to commence your search with a list of credible moving companies, this way, you will be confident that you are selecting a preferred residential moving company from a list of professionals. After this, you can choose the company that works best for you without having to worry about the poor service.

3. Not budgeting

You must get quotes from several moving companies so you can decide which estimate fits your budget. Remember, that the size of your home amongst other things will determine what the moving costs will be.  Ensure that you compute your estimates and compare with the estimates of the several shortlisted moving companies. This will properly guide your decision in line with your budget.

4. Not labelling your boxes. 

It is incredibly important that you label your boxes before moving. Unlabeled boxes will make unpacking significantly harder for you. You will find it easier to unpack when you already know where everything goes. 

5. Giving yourself too much time

As much as you would like to avoid starting too late, starting too early could also be a major problem. Giving yourself too much time not only prolongs the moving procedure, but you are also very likely to pack something you will need to use before your moving day. This will make you go through the trouble of having to look through already-packed boxes to find it. So, it is ideal to only start packing when your move is in a few weeks.

6. Keeping items that are not needed. 

The best time to get rid of items that you no longer need is when you start packing.  It is even more important to de-clutter your belongings if you will be moving into a smaller place.  Ensure that you make a list of everything you want to keep before packing and sealing your boxes.

7. Not taking measurements. 

The simplicity of this task makes it quite easy to forget. Ensure that you take all the necessary measurements in advance to ensure that your furniture and other items will fit through the door of your new place. This will help to save you from the pressure of having to incur additional costs.

8. Not keeping your receipts. 

 It is very easy to misplace your receipts during the moving process. So, you have to ensure the safekeeping of all receipts of purchases you have made and the services you have received.  This will allow you to recover some moving expenses from your taxes much later.

9. Time wasting in the transfer of utilities and forwarding your mail

Making transfers of utilities and forwarding your mail can be time-consuming. This is why your post office and fill you need to get this task out of your way as quickly as you can. Ensure that you fill out the necessary forms at the post office to change your mailing address.   Also, contact your utility providers to inform them of your moving day. This will allow you to set a proper date for the termination of their services at your old home and commencement at your new home.

10. Not checking insurance

It is equally as important that you find out about the insurance policy of the moving company you are about to use.  This is important because items could get damaged during the moving process and you want to hire a moving company that is willing to cover the costs of any damage to your belongings while moving. However,  if you think that you may require more coverage, then you can put a call through to your insurance company a few months before the move to add a rider to your policy.

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