moving hacks for a faster move

Moving Tips For A Fast And Easy Move

These moving hacks for a faster move are going to help you big time!  In this post, we will discuss some little-known secrets that will help you through the moving process to make it a more pleasant experience.

Moving Can Be Stressful

As you know, if you have ever moved in the past, moving can be stressful!  It is a process most people don’t like to deal with.  However, the day may come that you need to move.

Whether you are moving with your family or for a job, it doesn’t really matter.  Most people who have been through a major relocation know that the number one thing on your mind is nothing other than getting it over with as quickly as possible!  That’s how difficult moving can be.

However, there are things you can do to ease the burden and stress of your move.  So here’s a few of them.

Planning Is Key To A Fast And Easy Move!

Planning is key to a fast and easy move.  What this means is that if you plan everything in advance, chances are you’ll have an easy transition into your new space.  Here are some tips to speeding up the moving process.

Tips For A Faster Move!

Call The Utility Companies In Advance

As soon as you know your moving, just go ahead and give your utility companies a quick call.  Let them know the date of your move once it is scheduled and you know your address. This will enable them to arrange to transfer utilities (when possible) to your new residence.

This is great to do so that you don’t have to deal with calling the utility companies during the hustle and bustle of your move.  Doing it earlier rather than later will be just one more thing you can check off your to-do list!

Find A Moving Company ASAP

Now you won’t want to leave this one to the last minute.  There’s a lot of preparations that take place when finding the best and most affordable mover for your move.  Planning this one well in advance is crucial to have a pleasant move-day experience.

If you are planning a local move or a smaller apartment move, two months in advance seems to be the sweet spot for planning and scheduling.  For a long distance move, you’ll want to plan your relocation even earlier if possible.

Interview several movers and get quotes so that you can speak to someone on the phone and get a feel for if they are a fit for your move.  Here are a few things to be careful about:

  • Trust your gut
  • Get multiple quotes (and look at discrepancies between different companies’ numbers)
  • Be wary if something seems too good to be true
  • Read reviews and pay special attention to the negative ones

Donate Early

It’s important to donate early on in the process.  Sorting through belongings around the time that you schedule the move is a good thing to do.

The earlier you start the quicker your move will be.  Contact local donation centers and have a general idea of what you want to give away.  This will be key in the planning process of your relocation.

If you have large or bulky items such as couches, sofas and dressers that you aren’t quite sure about, you should keep this in mind.  Most likely, your moving company will charge you more to include them in the relocation.  If you’re not sure, might as well donate them to make the move go even quicker!

Buy Supplies

Buying supplies for your move early on will be a big help.  You should be sure that you have everything you need in the months leading up to your move.

Some of the supplies you will need:

  • Boxes of all sizes
  • Box tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam for packing

Planning out all of the supplies you need about two months in advance and making sure it’s all handy is an important part of having a fast and seamless move.  In addition, you won’t be scrambling for supplies at the last minute.

PRO TIP: Buy boxes from Amazon or Home Depot or visit your local stores and see if they have any extra boxes they would normally discard.  You’ll be surprised at how many businesses will gladly donate them to you for your move!

Start Packing Early

If you start packing early, you will be sure to have a smooth residential move.  Conversely, if you wait until the last minute, things could get left behind and you’ll see yourself go into a major frenzy.

You can begin by packing areas of your home that you do not use.  For example, if you have an attic that doesn’t get used often, go into the attic and pack everything up well in advance of move day.

In addition, pack up other parts of the house or apartment that don’t get used frequently.  That storage closet in the hall or your basement can be taken care of a month or two before your relocation.  Doing this will eliminate a ton of stress you would otherwise experience on move day!

Leave Your Drawers

This moving hack is my personal favorite because it’ll cut out hours of your time before, during and after your move.  Most people empty out drawers and pack the items into boxes.  However, this is not always the smartest thing to do.

Why not leave items in the drawers and secure them with plastic wrap.  They might jiggle around inside a bit, but it eliminates packing them up and unpacking them when you arrive.

You can pad the inside of the drawers with bubble wrap and rolled up clothing too to eliminate things from shifting around.  Read this article here on how to roll clothes and get started on the process!

Keep Clothing On Clothes Hangers

Another great moving hack that is a huge time-saver.  Leave your clothing the way it is in your closet.  You can literally just bundle them together in large trash bags or garment bags and put them on the moving truck.

Un-hanging clothing and folding it or rolling it only to store it in a box is silly.  Why not just leave it as is and plop them on the moving van?  You’ll eliminate a whole lot of work and be happy your move will go faster than expected.

Store Trinkets In Pots Or Hollow Storage Containers Of All Types!

Instead of just packing an empty pot in a box and throwing it on the van, why not make everything more streamlined.  Fill up hollow objects such as bags and purses, suitcases, pots, vases, jars and more with small trinkets you’d normally need to pack individually.  Make sure you are well aware of the things you pack up in this way.  You will want to remember to unpack the items once you’ve moved into your new home to avoid any problems down the line!

Use Your Camera

Use your camera to remember things you might forget.  For example, when you unplug all of the crazy wires of your computer or TV, just take a picture so you can refer to it when hooking electronics back up.

You may also want to take pictures of boxes so you have easy access to what’s inside the boxes. Doing so will streamline the moving process and make it as simple as can be!

Use Plastic, Plastic Baggies And Tape

Cleaning up leaks and spills is a time consuming task you will want to eliminate from happening.  When you come across any bottles or containers that contain liquid, why not secure them properly by wrapping them in plastic, putting them in plastic baggies, or applying tape.

If you’re worried about the cost of buying baggies and using them so wastefully, just go to your local 99cents store.  This is a step you will not want to forget because cleaning up a huge mess will be a big production and a waste of your valuable time! This is a great moving hack for a faster move!

Color Code And Label Your Moving Boxes

Color coding and labeling moving boxes is a great way to eliminate some of the hassle of moving day.  In addition you can simply have your moving company just drop off the boxes in their designated rooms.

Imagine the craziness of having to empty out boxes that are all mismatched with items from all over your home.  In the situation of a larger move, this step is especially crucial as you could find yourself running around the house if boxes aren’t packed and organized properly.  Color coding and labeling boxes is key to an easy and fast move.

Bring Water

On moving day, you’re going to want to have water with you.  Especially if you’re doing the moving and packing on your own. 

When your body is dehydrated one of the first signs is lethargy.  Trying to move quickly won’t happen if you are too dehydrated to do what needs to be done.

Pack a cooler the night before so you are completely prepared and hydrated on moving day.  This is a huge tip for a faster, more efficient move.

Prepare Your Kids

Preparing your children in a advance of the move will make the process go by quicker. You can entice them with little prizes if they help you and have them help you pack things up.

Doing so will make the move more fun and enjoyable or everyone.

Prepare The Night Before

The night before prepare yourself properly for move day. Create a move day box which includes anything you will need on the day of the move.

Be sure to pack snacks and a change or two of clothes in case you get sweaty and want to change. This is important for a more efficient and stress free move.


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We hope you have learned some great moving hacks for a faster move and wish you all the best!

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