moving apartments during coronavirus

Moving Apartments During Coronavirus

Moving Apartments During COVID-19

If you are moving apartments during coronavirus, there are some things you should know.  It’s a challenge to relocate a house during the coronavirus epidemic.  However, moving apartments presents a special set of challenges.

If you are relocating from one apartment to another during COVID-19 Pandemic, we are going to make you aware of some steps to take.  The steps we present in this blog post will help you have the best moving experience and stay safe too.

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Tips For Moving Apartments During Coronavirus 2020

Below are my top tips for moving during coronavirus 2020. Additionally, you can read these tips for moving into your first apartment here.

The suggestions below take into special consideration the fact that you are moving in a smaller space.

Tip 1: Be Aware

Tip one is to be aware during the moving process.  You will want to be aware and observant before, after and during your move. 

For information and coverage on whether or not it is safe to moving during COVID-19, stay updated in the following ways:

  • Watch the local news
  • Read reputable online news sources
  • Stay updated with information from the CDC
  • Listen to experts and doctors who rely on science to get their information

Tip 2: Ignore Unreliable Resources

This tip is similar to the first one.  You will want to be sure to fact-check everything you are hearing.  There are several myths about COVID-19 that have been going around.  Being aware and knowing what’s real and what’s fake is crucial.

Some Of The Coronavirus Myths:

Below is some of the false information circulating about COVID-19.  Please be aware if you hear any of these things that they are not true.

Take frequent sips of water: although it’s important to stay hydrated when you’re sick, taking frequent sips of water does not “wash away” the virus.

Being in the sun prevents COVID-19: Being in the sun or warmer temperatures does not prevent COVID-19

Holding your breath for 10 seconds: This one is a complete myth.  Being able to hold your breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing does not mean you are coronavirus free.

Drinking alcohol prevents COVID-19: Drinking alcohol does not prevent COVID-19 and should not be done in excess.

Cold weather and snow: Despite some current myths that are circulating online, cold weather and snow have no relevance on coronavirus and cannot kill the disease.  So be aware that whatever climate you are in, you are still at risk.

Mosquito bites: Despite false claims, the new coronavirus cannot be spread through mosquito bites.

Hot baths: Despite some news on unreliable sources, COVID-19 cannot be prevented by taking a hot bath.  So ignore such news that says so because it is definitely not true.

Alcohol and chlorine: Spraying alcohol and chlorine will not kill viruses that have already entered your system.  Additionally, this is not a safe way to deal with coronavirus.

Ignoring unreliable resources will help you with your apartment move. This is because you’ll know what you should really focus on to protect yourself.

TIP 3: Practice Social Distancing

It might be a bit harder to practice social distancing while moving apartments.  However, you should be sure to do so.  Your health depends on it.

Ask your residential movers ahead of time to be conscious of staying 6 feet apart during the move process.  You should make all expectations clear from the start.

If you run into any situations where someone infringes upon your personal space be sure to do the following:

  • If you are fully exposed, wash up any exposed areas like hands and arms
  • Have a separate, sterile set of clothing on hand
  • Step outside to get away from crowds

Additionally, you should be wearing a mask and disposable gloves to prevent exposure

TIP 4: Deal With Payment Over The Phone

Handle any paperwork and payments over the phone and/or online.  Require digital signatures rather than having to do anything by hand.  This will prevent transmission of COVID-19

TIP 5: Talk To Movers In Advance

You should be sure to talk to your apartment movers ahead of time.  Be sure to ask the following important questions:

  • Are you open to wearing a face mask and gloves during the move?
  • Is it possible to stay in separate rooms?
  • Can I sign paperwork digitally?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Has anyone on your team been sick or had any symptoms?
  • What precautions are you taking?

TIP 6:  Pack Appropriately

The good news is that being in a smaller space such as an apartment allows for in depth organization and packing in much less time.  Due to the coronavirus, you will want to spend a good deal of time packing and protecting your belongings.

You can learn more about how to roll clothes

Here are a few steps to proper COVID-19 packing:

  1. Organize items and divide things that you will need immediately from things you can wait a few days
  2. Seal up belongings in boxes and bags
  3. Store items you don’t need in a separate part of your apartment before unpacking
  4. Wipe down any boxes, bags and items with a disinfectant spray (if possible)
  5. Put clothing in garment bags
  6. Dispose of all bags and boxes to prevent exposure
  7. Wear gloves and protective masks while unpacking and dispose immediately

TIP 7: If You’re Sick, Cancel

If you are sick, you will want to be sure to cancel your move or delay it.  Talk to your current landlord to find out what options you have in this situation prior to moving. 

Additionally, you should be aware of cancellation policy with the moving company you hire. You can question them about all of this when you get your free quote before hiring them.

You may want to book your move two weeks before you need to be out of your apartment.  This way, if you need to postpone or leave your items in your new space, it won’t be an issue.

keep a safe distance from the movers

TIP 8: Hire the right COVID-19 movers

Hiring the right movers is perhaps the most important step to a successful move. You will want to ask the right questions to ensure they are equipped and experienced to handling moving during COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, you might consider asking for a reference from a recent move and reading through reviews. You will want to beware of any indication of unorganized or careless behavior as that could be detrimental to your apartment move.

Finally, you could read this article here on how to choose a moving company and how to find the best coronavirus moving company.


It’s certainly not easy to move during any health crisis or epidemic.  However, we hope that this article has given you insight into steps you can take to make it more manageable.

We hope you’ve learned about moving apartments during coronavirus and wish you safe moving.

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