How to Pack Mirrors and Picture Frames

How to Pack Mirrors and Picture Frames

When doing the packing process, the “how do I pack picture frames?” and “how do I pack mirrors?” questions always come up. The issue arises because, most often, we haven’t been taught how to properly handle this valuable item. The absolute best way to be sure that household items are packed and moved correctly is to simply hire professional movers to handle it for you. That being said, many of us are DIYer’s and want to know exactly how to do it correctly. Here’s exactly how to pack picture frames for moving.

Get Supplies and Prepare

Before you get started with the actual packing, be sure that you have the right supplies and boxes. Keep in mind that delicate objects must be packed in the right kind of boxes. If they aren’t, they’re more likely to end up broken or damaged by the time they arrive at the new home. To ensure that picture frames make it to their destination successfully, you’ll need to gather these moving supplies:

  • Packing tape – This item is an absolute must when packing and moving cardboard boxes. Buy high quality tape that has a strong adhesive. This ensures that your boxes stay together and don’t break open during your move.
  • Sharpie marker – You’ll use your sharpie marker for labeling all boxes. Having labled boxes will prevent you from doing digging to find certain items when you arrive at the new home. Everything will be neatly labeled and easy to locate, which will speed up the unboxing process.
  • Corner protectors – Valuable corner protectors will ensure that picture frames and rectangular mirrors don’t break open while inside moving boxes.
  • Packing paper and/or bubble cushioning – These items will  fill in the empty gaps between your objects and boxes. This filler will help keep your items in place while they are in transit and will prevent anything from crushing them while inside the box.
  • Picture and mirror boxes with telescopic options – Mirror and picture boxes for specifically created for moving and storing fragile mirrors and framed art. The great thing about these boxes is that they encase the entire object in a protective shell and can hold up to 65 pounds.
  • Cardboard Shipping Tubes – Are you moving large posters or art prints? We recommend purchasing the right sized shipping tubes to hold these types of items.
  • Bankers Boxes – Are you carrying around loose photos and photo albums? Try using these Bankers movers because they are made of cardboard, come with easy-carry handles, and are stackable. This makes them super easy to store and organize during a move.

Things to Think About

Before we go right into the instructions, here’s a few bullet points to consider when going through the packing process.

  • Consider how you will be packing your picture in each box. You can do this by labeling the picture and writing the dimensions of the box beside the picture. However, if you cannot decide between sizes, then it would be easier for you to just write the dimension of each box directly on the picture. Once you have labeled the boxes, you need to take each one and fill it with the picture that you want to place inside.
  • If you are using heavier packing materials, like cardboard boxes, then you might want to consider using packing peanuts or packing beads. If the picture frames are fragile, then you might want to consider using bubble wrap or tissue paper. As you think about how you will be packing your picture frames, you may also want to invest in a small tape measure so that you can be able to get an accurate idea about how much you need. To save money, you can also consider buying a packing machine. Just make sure that you get one that is durable and that will not bend or break easily.
  • When packing picture frames, consider using bubble wrap to protect your picture frames from getting scratched, but remember to take out the bubble wrap before storing the picture frames.
  • If you are using a handbag to transport the pictures, then you should consider buying a shoulder strap. This is important because carrying a picture in a shoulder strap can cause the picture to fall off the frame. There are some things that you need to know when you want to know how to pack picture frames. The first thing that you need to do is to determine the size of the picture that you want to put into the frame.

Packing Instructions

  1. If you haven’t already, purchase and gather supplies that we’ve listed above.
  2. If you’re dealing with anything that has glass, place a protective layer on top. This could be a layer of bubble cushioning on top of the glass. Secure the item with plenty of tape.
  3. For extra protection, place corner protectors on the corners of the mirror or picture frame.
  4. Start by laying out several sheets of packing paper on the ground. Next, gently put your mirror or picture frame, glass-side down, right on top of the packing paper. Now, gently wrap around the top and secure the packing paper completely around the object. Lock it down by using packing tape.
  5. Next, use packing paper inside the picture or mirror box as another layer of insulation. Next, place the picture and mirror box to serve as a bottom layer of protection. Now, place the protected mirror or picture frame inside the box. Surround the item with extra packing paper or bubble cushioning to fill any excess gaps.
  6. Lastly, be sure to seal the mirror and picture box shut with packing tape. Label it “FRAGILE.” Be sure to label what you’ve packed with a sharpie.

Need to hire professional movers?

Of course, the best way to move mirrors, picture frames and other fragile items is to hire professionals for the job. We’re are Greenville’s experts in Residential Relocation. We’re more than happy to help you out with your next household move.  We offer: Local moving, Long distance moving, Small/apartment moves,  and Large household moves.

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