How To Find The Best Coronavirus Moving Company

how to find coronavirus moving company

Do you want to know how to find the best coronavirus moving company? Read this article on how to hire movers who can handle a COVID-19 relocation.

coronavirus moving company

Finding COVID-19 Movers

Finding COVID-19 movers is a challenge. The reason is that many companies are not in operation. Additionally, other companies that may be in operation might not be following CDC guidelines.

So finding movers during the Coronavirus Pandemic is a difficult task for you and your family. However, we can make it easier by explaining what ask your movers and how to choose movers in this post.

Finding Movers During COVID-19 Pandemic

In order to find movers, you will want to search for movers in your area for your relocation. Finding movers who are taking all necessary precautions is crucial.

Busy Beez Movers is one of those exceptional residential moving companies. They are equipped to handle moving their relocation customers during this horrible pandemic.

Some Questions To Ask Your Movers:

  1. What precautions are you taking regarding moving people during COVID-19?
  2. Are you wearing protective masks and gloves, and will you be doing so during my relocation?
  3. Can I sign paperwork and submit payments electronically?
  4. Can I be outside of my home while the movers are moving my belongings?
  5. Have you dealt with any moves during coronavirus and what steps are you taking to ensure safety?

Some Tips For Choosing Movers During COVID-19

Finding a safe coronavirus moving company is very important. Use these 4 tips below to ensure you’re hiring the best relocation experts to handle your move.

Tip 1: Speak To The Moving Company On The Phone

Speaking to the moving company over the phone rather than just dealing with them digitally is important. By speaking to COVID-19 movers first, you will be able to assess if you’re comfortable with them.

Many times, after speaking to someone, red flags will go off in your mind. This is a bad sign and a signal that you should seek help elsewhere. However, trusting your gut intuition when speaking to your movers on the phone is crucial.

You will want to ask them questions about the safety precautions they are taking. You can ask them about social distancing and how possible it will be (particularly if they are apartment movers). You will be able to gauge whether or not your trust them. This is a very important step to choosing the right movers.

Tip 2: Ask About Their Refund Policy

Asking about their refund policy is crucial during this time. With COVID-19, who knows what will happen in the next week or two.

You will want to hire an affordable moving company that has a strong refund policy in play. By speaking to them you will get a good sense about whether or not they care about their customers. And if they do, if something were to come up, they would certainly offer an opportunity to reschedule the move.

Tip 3: Ask Them To Take Precautions

You will want to ask your movers to wear special face masks and gear during the move. Ask them beforehand to ensure that they will do so.

You should also ask them to please not come to your home if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Talk to them about this and be sure you get them to agree to your conditions. This is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly.

Tip 4: Check Reviews

You should check their reviews to gauge their previous interactions with customers. You can learn a lot from a review. Pay attention to the negative ones.

If your movers display any of these characteristics, think twice about hiring them:

  1. Have they been careless?
  2. Have they been inconsiderate?
  3. Does it seem like they care about their customers?
  4. Are they messy and disorganized?

These are important things that will indicate whether or not a moving company is the right company to choose during COVID-19 Outbreak.


We hope that this post has been helpful. Whether you are moving a business or a residence, you will want to be sure to play it safe.

If you follow these important steps, we are sure you will have a safe and happy move with your family. In addition, you will be sure to find the best coronavirus moving company.


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