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Tips On How To Find An Affordable Moving Service

If you were wondering how to find affordable movers for your upcoming relocation, you are in the right place.  This post will outline the steps you can take for finding the most affordable option for any type of move.

As you know, moving can be quite costly.  There are many things to consider such as the size of the move, the distance of the relocation, the movers you hire, and the way that your moving company charges for their services.

In addition to the move itself, other things can add up such as packing supplies and boxes, cost of transportation to your new residence, whether or not your moving company will be shipping your automobile as well, just to name a few.

Follow these steps below to assist in the process of finding an affordable moving service that is sure to help make your relocation easier on you and your wallet.

Steps To Finding An Affordable Moving Service

Read Reviews

It’s crucial to read reviews in order to help find the most affordable moving service.  You may wonder, why is reading reviews a great way to find cheap movers?  Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Most of the time, when financial troubles arise with a business (such as a moving company charging more than they first quoted), consumers will leave a bad review of the business.

Obviously, when you hire a moving company, they aren’t going to tell you that there are additional charges you may incur if this is part of their plan to make more money.  Sadly, a lot of companies do this- especially moving brokers.

However, if this is the case, I can assure you that reading through a company’s reviews will shed light onto whether or not they are fair when it comes to charging their relocation clients.  Although you will want to acknowledge the fact that reviews are opinions, this is a great way to learn more about the companies you are considering working with.

Get A Few Quotes

Most companies will offer free moving quotes prior to your move.  However, you will want to get several quotes to find the companies that are the most competitively priced.

You will also want to be sure to ask a lot of different questions. 

Some of the things you can ask:

  1. How do you charge?
  2. What extra fees might I incur in addition to the quoted price
  3. Are there any other added charges other than what I’m being quoted at?
  4. Will the price of the quote change or is it absolute?
  5. Do you charge extra for stairs, disassembling or assembling furniture?

When getting a quote, be aware that many companies offer both in person and over the phone (and online) estimates.  Getting an in-person quote is, of course, ideal.  Companies such as Greenville movers Busy Beez Movers offer in-person, online, and phone quotes to prospective clients.

Get References

Getting references for a move is one of the best ways to be sure to hire excellent movers who are competitively priced.  Most people will only refer a company that they were very happy with.  I can guarantee if any sneaky financial transactions occurred during the relocation, the company will likely not be referred to you.

Greenville residential movers, Busy Beez Movers, has built a business on client referrals! Why not give them a call? It wouldn’t be a surprise if they are recommended to you anyway!

Don’t Hire Brokers

Ultimately, if you want to get the most affordable price for your relocation, you will not want to go through a broker.  Many brokers have a bad reputation unfortunately.  And although they provide valuable services, they might not be the ones to call if you are seeking an affordable company for your relocation.

Go directly to the mover.  When you’re on the phone, ask directly if the company is a moving company or a moving broker.  If you follow this step, we think your move will go very well!

Local movers such as Greenville’s Busy Beez Movers is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on providing excellent quality services. And guess what? They’re affordable too!


We know your qualm.  Finding affordable movers, whether you’re moving long distance or locally, can be a hassle.  However, these simple steps should help you in the moving process.

We hope you found these tips helpful and wish you luck on your relocation.  We hope that this blog post will help you find an affordable moving service you love!

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