Advice for Your Next move

Looking for some moving tips? Don’t know where to start?

Ask any seasoned moving professional, and they will all agree that mastering the art of good moving requires more time and practice than most people will ever have on their hands.

There are, however, a number of skills and tricks that anyone can implement on their next move. Even the most inexperienced mover can become a pro. Every little bit helps…alot!

Here’s a list of the most common moving tips for you to use on your next move.

Planning Ahead

Moving packing tips start with planning: The best moving tips are always prepared ahead of time so that nothing gets lost or misplaced. Make a packing list of all your household items, including furniture and bedding.

You can create your own notebook to keep track of everything. As you proceed through the packing process, be sure to keep updating it. You don’t want to forget anything!

Wrap Liquids Separately

Whether it’s dish soap or shampoo, anything that contains liquid can easily spill. It’s always best to be cautious to avoid spills or leaks. You can wrap liquid and liquid products in sealable plastic bags. Try to not place several types of liquid in the same bag. Yeah, no, that’s a bad idea.

It’s usually hard to reopen liquid containers without making a mess everywhere. One idea here is to just throw away liquid products and restocking your new home with fresh liquid toiletries and the like once you’re settled.

Come Up with a Good Label System

It’s essential that you use a good label system. A simple way to mark boxes by room is to use colors—red for the kitchen, blue for the dining room, and so on. Use a sharpie marker, and, if you have to, use a pen.

Using Proper Padding

If you’re transporting anything that might be considered delicate, whether it’s bowls, china, vases, or anything else (and odds are, you will be), you’ll need to have some simple methods for padding these objects so that nothing is lost or broken. What can you use? Old shirts, extra bubble wrap, pillows, sheets, etc. These are all realistic options!

Using Black Bags

Although it is far from being the most stylish, using traditional black trash bags will work well when moving large amounts of clothing. If you want to spend a little more, you can buy better sealing bags. Yes, they cost more than ordinary garbage bags, but they’re much more durable and last longer.

Always Declutter!

“What can I throw out as I’m packing?” Always be asking yourself this during the process. Throwing out old junk, recycling items you don’t need, or selling old items online—the possibilities are endless! And, guess what? the less you take with you, the better and easier it will be to unpack when you’re moving in!

Use a Lock Box

Never underestimate the value of keeping track of critical records, documentation, irreplaceable contracts, and licenses, among other things. If you want to up your game, investing in an inexpensive lock box is your way to go! Lock boxes that are fireproof, waterproof, and other features are popular nowadays and are unlikely to cost you a fortune.Additionally, you can use them again at your new house or apartment after you unpack!

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