6 Things to Know About when Hiring Residential Movers

6 Things to Know About when Hiring Residential Movers

You will make the moving process a lot easier by hiring residential movers. However, it is important for you to make sure that you hire the right people. You will need to take the following things into consideration.

Get Recommendations

When most people are looking for a particular service or business, they Google it. Google can provide you with a list of businesses in your area. However, your family members and friends are the best resources that you can use. Ask them about the moving companies in your area. You should also ask them about what they liked and disliked about the company.

Additionally, you should ask them if they felt like the money they paid were worth it. Your family members and friends may be able to tell you about a great moving company that is not listed on Google.

Good Reviews

After you have a list of residential movers, you should read online reviews. You may find both good reviews and bad reviews. However, there should be a lot more good reviews than bad ones. Moving.com is one of the places where you can find reviews online. Not only will you be able to find reviews, but you will also be able to read about people’s personal experiences.

Proven Track Record

There are many moving companies that are just starting out. However, it is a good idea for you to choose a moving company that has been around for a few years. Moving companies that have been around have established themselves. They have experience maintaining possessions and keeping the rates fair. Unless you have selected a new company that has had many good reviews, it is best to stick with one that has already established itself.

Insurance and Licensed

It is never a good idea to choose residential movers that are not insured or licensed. Anyone can get together and start their own moving company. However, you will be able to protect your property by choosing one that is insured and licensed.

All interstate movers are required to register with the U.S. Department of Transportation. A legit company will have a USDOT number. If you want to find out whether a company has insurance, then you can check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Rules for intrastate movers will depend on where you live. That is why it is a good idea to check the laws in your state.

Transparent Rates

There are a number of factors that will affect how much the movers will charge. This includes the number of required movers, the works required and the distance. Keep in mind that when movers provide you with an estimate, they are typically giving you a flat rate. They do not take into account the cost of packing materials. They will also charge you extra if you have large items to move.

You should ask your company about the extra things that they will be charging for. If the company cannot be transparent about their rates, then it is time for you to choose another one.

A Good Fit

Everyone has unique needs. Regardless of whether you are moving out of a small apartment or four-bedroom house, you need to select someone who will fit your needs. In order to assess whether a company fits your needs, you should ask the following.

Does the company have the right moving trucks to accommodate my belongings?

Will the company provide me with the moving supplies that I need, such as garment boxes, blankets and bubble wrap?

Will the company be able to guarantee that they will come at a certain time?

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